Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, Born July 18, 1918

Nelson Mandela. Freedom fighter, diplomat, and winner of the 1993 Nobel Peace Prize; Mandela represents the end of apartheid in South Africa, and was the first democratically elected president of that nation and consistently introduced policies aimed at combating poverty and inequality and promoting reconciliation.

However, ‘Nelson’ is not his birth name. It was given to him by an English teacher at the age of 15, a name change that introduced a far greater capacity for leadership and humanitarian work into his chart than he had as ‘Rolihlahla Mandela’. Mandela’s birth name has an 11 destiny number,  channeled by the very fortunate addition of the name ‘Nelson’ into a 9 destiny number. The name change also gave him 5 ones, 5 threes, and 5 fives in his name, the number 5 being representative of the element of change, it’s no surprise that he brought great change to his nation and the world. The original destiny number of 11 is still valid, a very inspirational, high-energy, charismatic number that can also be over-sensitive and a bit neurotic.

As I see it, the addition of the first name of ‘Nelson’ gave Mandela a level of inner strength, leadership ability, humanitarian drive, and capacity to be a catalyst for change that he may have never had were it not for one English teacher calling him ‘Nelson’ and the name stuck.

Here is a partial list of some of Nelson Mandela’s accomplishments as President of South Africa (source wikipedia):

  • The introduction of free health care (1994) for all children under the age of six together with pregnant and breastfeeding women making use of public sector health facilities (a provision extended to all those using primary level public sector health care services in 1996).[94]
  • Increases in welfare spending, with public spending on welfare and social grants increased by 13% in 1996/97, 13% in 1997/98, and 7% in 1998/99.”[95]
  • The introduction of parity in grants for communities which were previously, including disability grants, child maintenance grants, and old-age pensions, which had previously been set at different levels for South Africa’s different racial groups.[95]
  • The extension of the application of the child maintenance grant to blacks in rural areas, who had been previously excluded from the system.[95]
  • A significant increase in public spending on education, with expenditure raised by 25% in 1996/97, 7% in 1997/98 and 4% in 1998/99.[95]
  • An expansion of reproductive health services.[96]
  • The Land Restitution Act of 1994, which enabled people who had lost their property as a result of the Natives Land Act, 1913 to claim back their land, leading to the settlement of tens of thousands of land claims.[97]
  • The introduction of child support grants (1998) to alleviate child poverty.[99]
  • The connection of 3 million people to telephone lines.[101]
  • The bringing of 1.5 million children into the education system.[101]
  • The upgrading or construction of 500 clinics.[101]
  • The connection of 2 million people to the electricity grid.[101]
  • The construction of 750,000 houses, housing nearly 3 million people in the process.[101]
  • The extension of water access to 3 million people.[101]
  • The introduction of compulsory schooling for African children between six and fourteen years.[102]
  • The provision of free meals for between 3.5 to 5 million school children.[103]

Anna Torv, born June 15, 1978

This beauty you may recognize as one of the lead actors in Fringe, Anna Torv, the first in a little series of some Fringe cast members.

Anna’s numbers reveal someone who is artistic and talented in work endeavors but a bit careless about order and systems, is strong and firm in her convictions even though naturally agreeable and cooperative, has an emotional sensitivity to music and rhythm, and has a quick, creative mind.  Anna is caring, a nurturer by nature, and a steady loving influence others can rely on. She also likely has a busy life, full of new experiences and interests, on the impulsive and spontaneous side. She doesn’t seem to have much in common with her character on Fringe, Olivia Dunham.

Anna’s first life phase transit is coming up over 2013-2014. She will be transitioning from a fun-loving, spontaneous, creative first life phase with no challenge number at all, into a 13 pinnacle with a 1 challenge. This will be a difficult transition. She may make sweeping changes in her life at some point over those 2 years and I believe it might be serious enough to make headlines in entertainment news at that point.

Neve Adrianne Campbell, born October 3, 1973

Here we go with another Canadian actress, Neve Campbell, of Party of Five and Scream fame.

Neve’s chart reveals both an inclination towards domestic life, a natural ability to nurture, protect, teach, and guide others through life, like a trusted parent, and a call to explore, launch out into the world, an inclination towards public life and a love for travel and adventure. The combination of the competing 5 and 6, both a strong family orientation and a freedom-lover in one package, creates an 11 tension that Neve will mature into later in life. There is also a bit of a fun-loving, multi-talented dreamer in this girl, a natural artistic, creative edge, a great sense of humor, and a zest for life.

Just a couple more years to go in her second life phase, this girl is due for some change in her life over 2013-2014.

Here is a snippet of an interview with Neve from earlier this year:


Rachel Anne McAdams, born November 17, 1978

Rachel Anne McAdams. This lovely Canadian actress starred alongside Ryan Gosling in ‘The Notebook‘ and the two were a couple for a few years.

Rachel has a 9 destiny number with four 8’s in her chart (birth path, day of birth, realization, and habit challenge numbers) and a 13 personality number. A humanitarian at heart, artistic, creative, a bit of a dreamer, a high capacity for love and altruism, and very multi-talented, this lady also has strong business sense and a natural ability with finances and managing resources. In salary negotiations for her movie roles, she is very capable of getting the highest possible salary for the role, is likely a savvy investor, and is likely to view her finances as a tool to help others, not just amass wealth for herself. Rachel may have struggled with being too bossy in the past, but her ‘boss’ factor is strongly motivated by altruistic intentions. If she bosses you around, it’s for your own good.

With an 8 birth path, Rachel McAdams went through her first life phase transit earlier than most people, back in 2006-2007 at the age of 28. This was a change from a 19 life phase, all forward momentum and vocative force, into a 6 life phase which is the number of family responsibilities, home, love, and comfort. That’s what the numbers say. At exactly the same time, Rachel took a break from public life to focus on her family, turning down roles in ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ and ‘Casino Royale’.  She is now half-way through her second life phase.

Ryan Thomas Gosling, born November 12, 1980

This mysterious man was absolutely hilarious in “Crazy, Stupid, Love” and I’ve had a crush on him ever since “The Notebook“. Being naturally and incurably curious, especially about men with a high ‘mystery’ factor, I have done a little math on Ryan Gosling.

It appears that there would never be any hope of him falling for me, and if we got to know each other in person, he probably wouldn’t be what I’m looking for either. He’s still has those eyes though. mmm…

Where was I? Oh yes, Mr. Gosling’s numerology chart. The mystery factor in Ryan’s case is a 16 personality number, indicating a high preference for secrecy, a reserved and watchful attitude, a bit of shyness, also an aptitude for studying rare subjects and lots of intelligence… he probably wouldn’t like his chart up online so I will keep this short and sweet. We are not likely to see him making headlines in the tabloids, ever. The man likes his privacy. Deep down though, he’s brave, strong, likely impatient, enjoys a great variety of activities, and circulates well in social settings as long as he isn’t put on the spot to talk about himself, and probably has a killer sense of humor.

Ryan is in the last year of his first life phase now, and the new phase he is about to enter is a fun-loving, chatty, charming, and lucky number 3. I suspect that this won’t be his last role in a romantic comedy, we’ll probably see Ryan Gosling in at least another comedy or 2 (or more) over the next few years.

Now to find a photo that does those eyes justice…

*Update* I think this one is pretty accurate! Notice how he looks slightly uncomfortable with personal questions and then uses humor to divert attention to an anecdote or story.

Edgar Allan Poe, January 19, 1809- October 7, 1849

I have purposely avoided looking up any biographical information on Edgar Allan Poe before making his chart. As I type this, my only source of info on him is his chart and what little I gathered from reading his work in English class in high school, except looking up his date of birth. At the end of this post, I will look up biographical information and add any correlations I find there.

With a 3 destiny number, personality and birth path a double 11, heart’s desire and day of birth both 19’s, and a 13 habit challenge… this is my take on Mr. Poe’s likely personality and disposition: he would have been intensely emotional, have a gift for language (of course, I already knew that from his writing, but it is implied in the number 3 as well), inspired and electric in personality but living with him may have been like walking on egg-shells, never knowing when something would set off his heightened emotional sensitivity. He was likely extremely intuitive, maybe even ‘psychic’, and very smart. I would say that he was probably ‘too smart for his own good’. 13 is a very serious number to have as a challenge, he may have been way too serious to take much joy out of life.

There are a couple of years of his life that I am curious about: 1823, the year he turned age 14 carries an extra 13 influence, and 1845, the year he turned age 36 has an extra 11. I will be looking for what happened during those 2 years when I look up his life history in just a few minutes.

There is nothing numerically interesting about the year of his death, but on the daily level, October 7th, 1849 contained another karmic 13 influence. I wonder how he died.

Biographical Correlations:

Although born as Edgar Poe, the middle name of Allan was added before he turned 3 years old when he was unofficially adopted by the Allan family. I do not see any reference to any interesting events in 1823. 1845 however, was the publication year of his most famous poem, “The Raven“, published on January 29th (a karmic 11 day, 2+9). Although he was paid only $9 for the publication, the poem made Poe a household name almost instantly. In the later years of his life, his behavior was extremely erratic, and the cause of his death is still a mystery.

Life Phases

Everyone has 4 life-phases. Some rare people have back-to-back identical life phases. They are calculated from the month, day, and year of your birth. The first lasts anywhere from 27-35 years, the second and third are both 9 years long, and the 4th lasts for the rest of life after that. The fourth life phase is open-ended, of course, because we don’t know when a person will die.
Numerology teaches that human life runs on a cycle of 9, 9 years, 9 months, even mini-cycles of 9 days. Part of this is seen in the 9 month human gestation period, and the fact that doctor’s check on a baby’s growth and development progress every 9 months after birth for about the first 2-3 years. Monday rarely feels like the day to start going back to work, a 7 day week kind of messes with the gears. Hearing people often say things like “I thought today was Tuesday, it doesn’t feel like a Wednesday.” is an interesting quirk that correlates with a 9 day cycle running around a 7 day week.
Each year of the 9 year cycle also carries an ‘essence’ number, which comes from your name. It ‘tints’ that year, sometimes giving it a much different tone than the basic year number implies, like looking at the world through a different shade of sunglasses.
Statements such as ‘you’ve changed’, ‘the good-old days’, ‘we’ve grown apart’, ‘we’ve grown closer’, etc, are all factual statements based on personal experience that usually revolve around the changes that happen over life-phase transits. The first phase transit can be a little earth-shaking, the first time you’ll go through this sort of change. It hits most people unexpectedly and the lack of preparation can make it traumatic. Later phase transits are usually handled with much more ease due to maturity and experience. Life becomes a new frontier in a new life phase, many marriages do not survive the changes of a new life phase.